Thursday, March 5, 2009

What does an old building have to do with dairy goats?

In 1846 Thomas Crawford Davis first laid eyes upon the Willamette Valley. One hundred sixty three years later his family is still living on the same piece of ground that he homesteaded.

A lot has changed since his day. Much of the land has been sold off and houses have popped up all over like mushrooms after a rain. We still hang on to 22 acres though, and intend to for many generations to come.

The love of the land is behind our foray into farming again. Ideally we'd like to develop into a fully self sufficient farm with solar power, rainwater catchment and the like. We're starting small this year with a cistern or two to help with the garden.

Below is the old smokehouse on the farm. It has been around for about 150 years. This year marks the end of an era as this building will probably have to be torn down. It survived the heavy snows of December, but it is completely riddled with dry rot and will soon fall in on itself if we don't tear it down first.

We are heartbroken to be losing this building that was built so long ago by our pioneer relatives.

If you are out at the farm picking up milk, don't hesitate to ask to see the smokehouse before it's gone.

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