Monday, January 10, 2011

Eight* Eggs

2011 will be a little different for us at Rosemont Farm. My mom has cancer and while we work on getting her healthy again we have made the decision not to raise any pastured meats this year and possibly the next as well.

What hasn't changed is my love of gardening and growing my own food! So while my mom recovers I am going to focus on my 1/3 acre city lot, and much like the Dervaes family, I plan on seeing how much food I can grow in the city.

Right now we have 2 stands of Kale. One bed is a group of volunteers left over from a patch I planted 5 years ago. The other is a nice bed of Tuscan Kale that I planted last spring. Both are amazingly prolific.

I'm also pretty sure a few carrots and beets are hiding under the volunteer Kale bed if I look hard enough.

We also have various pots of herbs on the back porch and a few plants of spinach.
Other than that we just have the chickens...

Currently here in the city we have 16 Delaware chicks that are 4 months old. The hens we will keep (or sell if we have more than 8 total) and the roos are going to "college".

Last fall I gathered up all our chickens with the exception of one naughty Welsummer hen who was hiding and took them to the big farm so my parents would have eggs too.

In honor of solstice the lovely city Welsummer decided to provide us with an egg, and another and another (you get the idea!).

In 2011 I plan on tracking the amount of food that we produce from the city lot and providing updates as I can here on my blog.


8 eggs (*3 are missing from the photo, they're in waffles which are now in our bellies :))

Future plans for the city lot include an edible hedge in the front yard, a small walk in hoop greenhouse and a massive garden expansion including terraces and trellises.

Stay tuned!

Hurry up spring!