Friday, August 13, 2010

At sunset the other night my soon to be daughter in law Megan stood next to me and gazed across the fields towards Yamhill. The sun stretched its fingers out and lingered on the city proper, leaving the surrounding areas in the shadows. At the time we didn't notice the way the sun shone, just that it was so breathtakingly beautiful we nearly couldn't tear our eyes away from the view. Megan snapped a few photos and we talked for awhile, but the bugs came out and drove us inside.

It was only the next day when Megan looked at these photos that we realized what an incredible picture she had captured.

I wanted to share it with you to make you understand why we love this place so much. Why it means so much to us and why we do what we do. Every day that view is there, just the same as always; and every day that view changes and reveals something we've never seen before.

I wonder every time I am there if my forefathers were as captivated by the view as we are. Did they stop in the middle of a mundane daily chore and just gaze over the fields in amazement like we do? I wonder if they built the house on this knoll with a 360* view on purpose? They must have. I would if it were up to me.

A picture will never do this view justice. It is something only to be seen in person to be believed.

Garden Update:
Summer is marching on at the farm and we've yet to get a ripe tomato. A few ripened in the city garden already but they had a little help because they were planted near a south facing rock wall.
Blackberries are ripening by the bowl full and we can't pick them fast enough at this point.
The zucchini has gone a little mad, but the pigs don't complain much!
Our plum trees didn't do anything this year, but the apples are loaded.

Animal Update:
We have 16 pigs on the hoof right now, most of which are spoken for.
They have lived a life of piggy luxury for the last 9 months...mud wallows, hay nests, walnuts, apples, fresh local wheat, chevre, goat milk - the list goes on...but they eat better than most people I know ;)

We have 2 Nubian does who are looking for a Nubian husband (preferably spotted) so if you know any dairy quality bucks who need a small harem please inquire within!

We will have very limited pork available for 2011 as we are transitioning to breeding Tamworths. We will also be growing all animal feed on farm! This is a huge milestone for us.

I added a donation button at the top of the page - we have 22 acres to fence for pig pasture rotations & honey that's a HUGE deal ;)

Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for stopping in.

Best regards,