Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Summer pics!

Here come the combines! It was really quite a sight. I know they thought I was nuts running out there to take pictures, but oh well!

My oldest sons building fence. I do so love having big strapping boys. View looking Northwest at the Trask Mtn range (coast range).

The view due North. Isn't it beautiful here? I can see why my Great x 4 Grandfather chose this site for his house.

This is view North and slightly West...it was stunning in person.

Farm Pics August 2009

Sorry I am so lax about posting - what with a toddler, full-time jobs and a farm the blog gets forgotton.

We are tweeting @Rosemont_Farm though! Come play along!

Here is Vi.

Here is the view looking East into the town of Yamhill. The Bent Grass seed crops are down & the combines are coming through...see next blog post.

The red clingstone plums are ready this coming weekend! They make luscious jam.
Thanks to 2 wild beehives we have plenty of fruit set this year.

The view looking due East at the town of Yamhill. In the foreground is the corn and tomato patch.